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The nearly real-time journey of a man coming to acceptance of his soulmate leaving him to be unsoulmated.

The reason I started this podcast is because I am that man. I am currently going through this separation as we speak and I wanted to be able to share my experience as it is happening so that I am capturing the true emotions that I am going through as the journey unfolds. This allows for the emotions to be real as they happen vs. how I would remember them later. Whether this helps anyone else who may be in the same position of someone leaving them for another person, I don't know. But it helps me to be able to release this from my own mind. But if it does help or you know someone who could also benefit from this, please let them know about the podcast.

Thank you, everyone, for listening.

NOTE: On occasion there is language not suitable for work, especially in the early episodes. My apologies, I was much angrier in those episodes.

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Day 1 (12/15/17) "The Beginning of the End". My wife tells me she is leaving me. The news comes as a surprise to me as I had no clue that our marriage was even on the rocks and the struggle of my being able to accept this new reality of losing my best friend -- my soulmate -- is only just beginning.
Day 2 (12/16/17) "No Sleep and Premeditated Cheating". After a night of no sleep, I make a discovery that changes how I have perceived why my wife is going to be leaving me. And the discovery is one I am not taking well.
Day 3 (12/17/17) "Origins of a Broken Man". My wife reveals the true reason why she feels justified in leaving what I had thought had been a working marriage and I go into the history of my hangups and trauma that brought me to that place.
Day 4 (12/18/17) "Not Having Enough Sex". After learning that lack of consistent physical intimacy is one of the core reasons my wife is leaving me, I struggle more with my hatred towards the man who is currently courting my wife (and that she is desiring), but am able to come to terms with why I no longer want to save this marriage.